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Omat työkalut


Omat työkalut

Pääsivu Hankkeet – maakunta Greener small and medium-sized enterprises

Greener small and medium-sized enterprises

The possibilities for small and medium-sized enterprises to act as service providers are increasing. The implementation of electronic services reduces location specificity and the need to travel, which in turn have a direct effect on the consumption of fossil fuel resources, and thus reduces greenhouse gas and other emissions. In addition, electronic services can make the use of material more efficient as paper forms are transformed into electronic data transfer processes.

A result of the project is improvement in the preparedness to utilise digitalisation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as that of other health and social services providers in the strategic development of the company’s own procedures and processes as well as in strengthening the competencies of staff members. The change in operating methods contributes to low-carbon and sustainable development. The organisational changes related to the implementation of electronic services that have taken place support sustainable development and a low-carbon society.